Episode Description

Caroline Page from Virtually Human Studio joins Nickie Scriven on the Chief Meta Chicks podcast to discuss Web3 and the game Zed Run.

They explore the definition of Web3 as the next iteration of the Internet and the transition to a decentralized version where individuals can own their own data.

Caroline shares insights into Virtually Human Studio and Zed Run, a digital horse racing game built on the blockchain.

They discuss the challenges and sustainability of Web3 games in the bear market and the importance of community involvement.

They also touch on the potential industries that will emerge in the Web3 space and the need for regulation and security.

In this conversation, Caroline Page and Nickie Scriven discuss the potential of Web3 in terms of security, governance, and ownership of data.

They also explore Caroline's career journey to Web3 and the learning curve she experienced.

The conversation highlights the importance of educating women in Web3 and the opportunities it presents in industries like retail and fashion.

They discuss the disruption of centralized players in Web3 and the need for women to lean into their curiosity and own their power.

Caroline shares her experience as a Chief MetaChicks leader and the joy of supporting women in business.

Episode Transcript


  • Web3 is the next iteration of the Internet, where individuals can own their own data and participate in decentralized platforms.
  • Virtually Human Studio's flagship game, Zed Run, is a digital horse racing game built on the blockchain, allowing players to own and breed horses as non-fungible tokens.
  • Community involvement and ownership are key aspects of Web3 games, where players have a say in the development and direction of the game.
  • Web3 companies face challenges in sustainability during bear markets, but a strong foundation and roadmap are crucial for long-term success.
  • Mass adoption of Web3 requires education and improved user experience, particularly in terms of wallets and accessing the technology.
  • Emerging industries in Web3 include finance, government, education, health, real estate, fashion, and retail, with brands exploring opportunities for engagement.
  • Regulation and security are important considerations in Web3, as the technology evolves and gains wider adoption. Web3 has the potential to enhance security and governance, allowing individuals to have control over their data and transactions.
  • Women should embrace curiosity and own their power in the Web3 space, taking advantage of networking opportunities and finding mentors.
  • Education is crucial in Web3, as it simplifies complex concepts and encourages mass adoption.
  • Web3 offers exciting possibilities for the retail and fashion industries, allowing for community building, brand engagement, and blending of virtual and real-world experiences.
  • Web3 disrupts centralized players and empowers individuals to have ownership and control over their digital assets and content.


00:00 Introduction and Definition of Web3

03:00 Virtually Human Studio and Zed Run

05:54 Ownership and Community Involvement in Web3 Games

09:01 Challenges and Sustainability in the Bear Market

12:56 Mass Adoption and Education in Web3

16:05 Emerging Industries in Web3

20:04 Web3 Potential for Security and Governance

23:19 Caroline's Career Journey to Web3

25:58 Learning Curve in Web3

28:24 Educating Women in Web3

31:32 Web3 in Retail and Fashion

35:55 Disruption of Centralized Players in Web3

38:52 Advice for Women in Web3

40:35 Caroline's Experience as a Chief Meta Chicks Leader