Episode Description

Holly Bailey shares her journey from playing netball to transitioning into playing footy. She discusses the challenges of:

  • Learning a new sport and the physicality involved with footy
  • The importance of strength training
  • Appreciating and celebrating strong female bodies
  • Challenging societal norms; and
  • Redefining femininity in sport and leadership.

Holly talks about the work Play Like a Girl does to empower girls and women through personal development programs and the lens of sport.

She emphasizes the importance of collaboration over competition in both sports and the corporate world, the importance of embracing both masculine and feminine traits, and how this can lead to success in leadership.

Holly shares her experiences navigating gender biases in sporting environments, the challenges she faced and how she had the courage to call out poor behaviour.

Holly also discusses the transition from sport to work, the importance of building a supportive community, and offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Episode Transcript


  • Embrace your authenticity and unique strengths in the workplace.
  • Playing both sides and embracing both masculine and feminine traits can lead to success in leadership.
  • Navigate gender biases by standing up for yourself and educating others.
  • Transitioning from sport to work requires rediscovering your identity and leveraging the skills you've learned.
  • Build a supportive community and surround yourself with a network of mentors and advisors.
  • Take the leap and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams, but be prepared to learn and adapt along the way.
  • Create impact by building a community and providing opportunities for women to lead.
  • Seek advice and support from a team of trusted advisors.
  • Chief MetaChicks provides a valuable platform for connecting with like-minded women and sharing wisdom and advice.


00:00Introduction and Background

00:31Growing Up in a Sporty Family

03:40Joining a New Football Club

05:04Learning a New Sport

06:16Physicality in Footy

07:09Getting Stronger in the Gym

08:08Appreciating Strong Female Bodies

09:21Challenging Societal Norms

10:08Overcoming Body Insecurities

13:33Realizing Self-Limiting Beliefs

14:08Career History and Starting Play Like a Girl

21:43The Ethos of Playing Like a Girl

23:09Redefining Femininity and Leadership

24:22Promoting Collaboration over Competition

24:53Embracing Authenticity and Unique Strengths

28:16Playing Both Sides: Embracing Masculine and Feminine Traits

29:28Navigating Gender Biases in Sporting Environments

36:27Transitioning from Sport to Work: Identity and Skills

39:13Taking the Leap: Starting Play Like a Girl

44:59Building a Community and Creating Impact

46:31The Importance of a Supportive Network

48:07Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

49:33The Value of Chief Meta Chicks