Mel Butcher

Lead to Soar

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Relationship  Development
  • Client Management
  • Leadership
  • Gender Equity
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Career Advancement
  • Career Coaching


Mel Butcher is a keynote speaker and creator with over 15 years  of professional experience. Mel speaks and provides training/courses on  workplace leadership, engagement, and self-leadership, particularly in  AEC/STEM spaces. Mel co-leads Lead to Soar, an organization with a mission to close the gender  leadership gap using research-backed methods. As part of Lead to Soar, she  teaches courses that focus on equipping women with what they most need to  advance and earn leadership positions, namely — business, strategic, and  financial acumen. As part of Lead to Soar, Mel also consults directly to  organizational leaders on closing the gender leadership gap. Mel holds a BS  and MS in Engineering and a BA in Language.    

Services Offered

Facilitation, strategic  communication, business strategy, client development, marketing, training,  course creation, strategic partnerships, channel partnerships, ESG, sustainability, EHS, consulting, podcasting.

The manifestation of true female empowerment and leadership