Jac Phillips

Founder & CEO, Non-Executive Director, Advisor
Jac Phillips Executive & Leadership Coaching

Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive & leadership coaching
  • Business coaching & advisory
  • Advisory services - brand, marketing, culture & leadership, tech, banking and finance  
  • Listed and commercially non-listed government advisory
  • Finance & payments


I am a Non-Executive Director, Advisor, Founder and CEO of Jac Phillips Executive & Leadership Coaching. I am passionate about two things: Leadership and Marketing.

When it comes to leadership – I coach rockstars to become more impactful leaders who make the world (and those in it) more joyful. When it comes to marketing – it’s my jam! As a longtime marketing leader, I elevate the customer experience and personally amplify the company brands I represent.

Along with Executive Coaching I also offer marketing advisory services to leaders across fintech, banking, wealth management, retail, tech and FMCG. With many years marketing and communications expertise in both traditional and online environments, I love the industry that has looked after me so well for more than 25 years and I now publicly speak on, write about and generally support businesses when it comes to amplifying the future of brand and marketing.

Services Offered

Executive & leadership coaching, business, brand and marketing advisory, start up / fintech, banking & payments advisory

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