Holly Bailey

Play Like a Girl

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership development
  • Training and education
  • Sport
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Keynote speaker


Holly is a top-netballer, turned VFL player, and a passionate advocate for the advancement of females in sport and leadership. In 2016 she channeled her passion into Play Like a Girl, a movement she founded dedicated to empowering females through the lens of sport.

Let me show you what a girl plays like. She is strong, and she plays with freedom. She is not to be underestimated and she has capabilities beyond what can be seen. It’s about playing like a kid again and cultivating creativity, connection, confidence, imagination and love of learning. When these skills are brought into professional life they’re valued as innovation, disruption, influence and visionary leadership.

The lens I look through in everything I do is unity. How can we come together to uplift each other? How can we utilise the collective to learn, grow, thrive? The outcome I want for everyone is to feel connected and unified, to themselves, to others and to their sport.

Services Offered

Leadership Development, Training and Education, Events, Workshops, MC, Key Note Speaker

The manifestation of true female empowerment and leadership