Bianca Dowdell-Munro

Founder | Co-Owner | Board Member & Financial Adviser
Legally Yours, Your Worth - Women Wealth & Wellness

Areas of Expertise:

  • ‍Financial Adviser
  • Mentor
  • Strategic Partner
  • Educator
  • Financial Support Partner


Bianca Dowdell-Munro is  the Founder of Your Worth – Women, Wealth & Wellness, Co-Owner and COO of  Legally Yours the Co-Director of Pro Help Legal Australia and the  Founder and CEO of Simply Sculpt – Face and Body Contouring Clinic. Spanning the last 20  years, Bianca has enjoyed a successful self-employed career in the professional services. Bianca has a passion for building networks and  adding value to those that surround her. 


Services Offered

Mentoring & Coaching,  Financial Advice & Financial Support Partner.    

The manifestation of true female empowerment and leadership